1. Possum did Ice bucket challenge!! Nomination is Awesome, Blossom and Threesome! Don’t forget to give money to charity for the MND/ALS ice bucket challenge. Text ICED55 to 70070 to donate £5.

  2. Our new comic, Music According to Awesome and Possum is now on sale!! http://www.takayon.bigcartel.com/

    The chicks behind the Beatles, Awesome’s Pedals, The story of Arthur Russell and more!

    W:15cm H:21cm 
    Riso printed on Munken 120gsm, Cover 300gsm 
    18 Pages Zine

  3. Soon Possum soon

    We’ve got a musical surprise coming soon!

  4. Possum becomes a teacher…

    (Originally published in Madame 5)

  5. Awesome and Possum had a interview but…

  6. plays: 0

    French radio JET played “Catch Me”! 

    The song will start 17 mins past.

    They’re talking about us but we’re not good at French…Poss…

  7. "Catch me" by Awesome and Possum!! woof!!


    My comic, Y front mouse is now on sale!!

    Check this promo video. Awesome and Possum  made the music too!

    I’m going to do some book signing sessions in Paris next month. How exciting!


    Y front mouse is here (well in France). Takayo Akiyama has come up with the goods - a comic about the former pop star Y-front mouse.

    I helped out with ideas, animations, acting (check out my pub behaviour - woof) and the music. My high brow band, Awesome and Possum became The Stains for one night only.

  8. takayon:

    Y-front mouse is getting ready to make his way to the stage…
    Comic, video and burps coming very very soon.

    Woo.. we were Y-front’s backing band for the day - the Stains. He’s our hero!! His book will be out soon from Misma editions in France.

  9. A&P in wall of Edinburgh Fringe.

  10. Awesome and Possum do Scotland!!

    Here is the postcard we’ve written. 

  11. "Food According to Awesome and Possum" is now selling at my web shop! In fact, almost all of them are new stock.

    If you missed to come to ELCAF last month, it’s a chance to get your copy here! Open 24/7! 


  12. Our new book “Food according to Awesome and Possum” will be launched at ELCAFes on 22nd of June at York hall in Bethnal green!

    16pages of recipes and comic strips with our song lyrics.

    Riso printed by Hato press.